Fender covers

FenderSkin Exclusive Fender Covers in Elegant Design

Our covers for boat fenders stand out with a sophisticated appearance, top-notch quality, and color and UV-Resistance. They give your ship a clean and well-maintained exterior.

FenderSkin Flex and FenderSkin FlexKugel  - The Ultimate Fender Covers made from highly elastic knit fabric.

Consistently positive feedback from customers confirms our belief: a product of maximum quality pays off. "Cheap" products have no place on the water. Therefore, our quality assurance is dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards.


Uncompromising Textile Technology

We only use solution-dyed yarn. (benefits of solution-dyed yarn - explained here) . The elastane we use is also UV resistant and additionally coated with solution-dyed yarn. All of this ensures long-term durability with maximum color fastness.

Color Fastness as a Quality Feature

The color of new FenderSkin covers for FenderFlex is indistinguishable from ones in multi-year use! The Fender ensemble remains consistent even with subsequent purchases.

Universal Fit - One Product for Many Sizes

  • Sizes M, L, XL for FenderSkin Flex
  • Sizes M, L, and XL for FenderSkin FlexKugel

FenderSkinThe protective skin for your boat hull and boat fenders. The advantages at a glance:

  • 5-year warranty on color and UV resistance
  • High elasticity
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Strings for fixing on the top and bottom
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Graceful design in practical elegance
  • No measuring or adjusting required

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