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SeaPo Premium Seat & Rail Cushion 2-Piece Set

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The multifunctional seat cushion on board, at the beach, and by the lake!

Ideal for comfortably and leisurely staying on deck anywhere!

82 x 40 cm (foldable in the middle)

Does not fade!

5-year warranty on color and UV resistance.

Simply the best quality!




The space-saving and multifunctional seat/lie/reel cushion.

Maximum comfort – everywhere on board – foldable, washable & waterproof!


Price Performance:
Today, a lot is promised for little money and then not delivered. Quality comes at a price. SeaPo is not cheap, but it possesses exceptional "inner qualities" that make it an attractive all-rounder, ideal for life on board, and that for many years. People with a sense of function and aesthetics appreciate such quality.

High-quality cold foam:
The alpha and omega of seat and lying comfort is the foam. It is highly elastic to ensure it does not compress and become hard. The achieved firmness and high resilience guarantee comfortable sitting and lying.


We produce manually – not out of nostalgia, but because essential steps simply cannot be automated, such as the round gluing of the edges of the foam to achieve a beautiful, elegant piping finish later on.
Apropos: Our pipings are also made from spun-dyed UV- and color-fast yarn.ZAK MARINE


Breathable & Waterproof Membrane:
SeaPo's provide double protection against moisture. Firstly, through the water-resistant coated outer fabric, and secondly, through the breathable yet waterproof membrane with which we encapsulate the foam.


UV- and Color-Fast Coating Fabric by Sunbrella:
The undisputed market leader for high-quality outdoor fabrics worldwide. Its products exhibit excellent UV resistance and colorfastness, backed by a 5-year warranty. The coating is easily removable and machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius.


Diverse Applications:
Perfect as railing cushions. With modular expandability, you can create your individual seating and lying area. Also usable as railing bags!

Due to the use of high-quality materials and refined craftsmanship, SeaPo's are designed for a long life and do not need to be replaced every few years. SeaPo's do not become musty, do not fade, and still look like new even after years!


Easy Storage:
SeaPo's are designed for life on board and are therefore lightweight and foldable, with a compact storage size of approximately 42 x 42 x 10 cm (when folded).


Reserved Maritime Nobility:
The circumferential corded seam attests to its value for the connoisseur.




Elegance and functionality in classic maritime colors made from high-quality foam and upholstery fabrics with minimal storage dimensions.




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